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IM2CU  is a self-service, 24/7 visitor check in platform for shared/flexible workspaces and business centers that provides a better member and visitor experience. 

How It Works

Step One

Visitors use their phone to scan a QR code at the outside entrances to your building, indoors at an iPad/kiosk or with a custom link from their host.

Step Two

Visitors simply select the business and individual they are there to see and their host is instantly notified of their arrival by phone. 

Step Three

The host can easily communicate back to the visitor for appointment mix ups or if they are running behind. This happens without any staff interaction.

IM2CU Neighborhood Service Center

Businesses at shared/flexible workspaces are increasingly using their business address for a Google Business Profile. Google requires that the business makes in-person contact during their stated business hours or their Google Business Profile will eventually be suspended and the business will lose their hard earned reviews and other benefits of this profile.

Service Center Features

The IM2CU neighborhood service center feature allows their visitors to check in for in-person contact with your team that will represent the business. Your team can greet the visitor, answer questions, provide literature, capture necessary details needed for sales follow up or even receive a package on behalf of your members business. The member business receives guidance on how to feature this in person contact on their website and Google Profile and we coach your team on how to document this basic information for your members.

With your permission, members can upgrade to the $100/mo Im2cu service center feature which you add onto their plan and receive payment. Im2cu recommends several other features for your facility to help these businesses comply with Googles policies.